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Why use handbags?

You may find them gracefully by the ladies’ side at parties, breakfast dates, work, and evening events. You may wonder why handbags. They are a woman’s best friend and the most versatile purse available right now. A handbag practically has a universal use for women, serving as anything from a portable storage space for keys, wallets, smartphones, and other items to style statements. It is a must no matter what the other bag is, whether you are bringing it on vacation or to the job. Women value handbags because of their many features.


Women might utilize handbags on a variety of occasions because to their many advantages.

Handbags can be used for a variety of occasions, including office meetings, brunch parties, office dates, vacations, and daily commutes.

Despite having a wide range of colors, women’s handbags tend to be black, brown, or in classic patterns so that they can be used on multiple occasions.


Since handbags have been heavily experimented with and studied, you may discover stylish handbags made of macrame or vegan leather in addition to more traditional materials like canvas, polyester, leather, jute, and denim (a very popular choice due to its animal cruelty-free nature and reasonable pricing).

Modern handbags have a whole different look and feel because to the fusion of materials. Additionally, they contain waterproof polyester linings with a structural framework, which gives handbags their opulent appearance while remaining cost-effective.


Handbags improve our daily lives in terms of comfort, convenience, and confidence. When women are out and about, they want to look nice and feel independent amidst responsibilities, commotion, and tasks. The notion of a “good handbag” is always evolving based on handbag attributes and the user’s perception. For some, it’s about having a handbag in a color that goes with everything; for others, it’s about having a large bag with a glossy surface; for still others, it’s about having a handbag with a floral print and a vibrant color and plenty of compartments; and for still others, it’s simply about having a handbag that stands out wherever they go.

The following is a summary of some significant handbag characteristics and advantages:

  1. SPACE: Handbags are essential in daily life, whether you refer to them as a treasure box or a miniature portable world. The interior of the bags must be water-resistant, well-stitched, divided, zipped, and simple to clean. You can use a sling bag (small size), a hobo bag (medium size), or a tote bag (big size). The handbag you choose to use for the day should be able to easily hold and store your very minimal necessities as well as, if necessary, your additional luggage.
  • What should you bring with you when that special someone calls to arrange a brunch date and early-morning drive? a sling purse containing your phone, favorite lipstick, and credit cards.
  • What exactly should you carry when you need to seem professional for a business meeting at work? a work bag that has a weatherproof interior lining to protect your laptop and other items.
  • If you’re going to your bestie’s house for a sleepover, where are you going to put a pair of cozy shirts and a pair of quirky-printed pajamas? inside of a handbag with several compartments.
  • Are you considering joining the wedding party? Carry a hobo bag with your wallet, phone, makeup bag, and hand sanitizer.
  • Going on a quick family vacation? The best option is a tote bag that can “carry-all.”

See how a bag’s size and amount of space determines which one is most suited for whatever use.


Consider the bag: The Tote

  • Roomy and tidy enough to transport necessary workplace supplies.
  • Elegant and stylish enough to go with your preferred clothing as you spend some alone time at a café.
  • Impressive enough to stand out on a dating night with sophistication and style.
  • Sturdy and sturdy enough to carry your belongings when you attend a wedding.

View the Envelope Wallet with Detachable Sling.

  • Remove the sling so that you can use it as a day clutch.
  • Wear it as a sling in the evening.
  • Use it for gatherings, work, and quick excursions.

Possess a bag that is genuinely adaptable. In a flash, change your appearance from an office look for the day to a brunch look for the afternoon or a dinner look for tonight.

  1. COMFORT: This word has a variety of connotations. Ergonomic handles that don’t cause shoulder and back pain can be comfortable. Detachable handles are another example of comfort. Comfortable bags can be worn with a variety of clothes without having to worry too much about the latest fashions. Comfort could be defined as having lightweight handbags, handbags with the right measurements, multi-compartment handbags, purse straps that are practical, and materials that are weatherproof so you won’t have to worry about your things in the event of rain or spills.
  2. QUALITY: Always opt for bags with the appropriate purse or handbag sizes and solid, lightweight, and long-lasting materials. Because Arbemu appreciates value, it offers a selection of bags that combine fashion and usefulness at costs that won’t break the bank. Instead, you might find yourself amassing a large number of them because you’ll never be able to resist adding the bags to your cart due to their alluring patterns, superb vegan leather, and reasonable prices. Don’t trust us? Purchase, test, and marvel.
  3. COLOR: It is just as crucial as any other aspect. On a date, a black sling bag can complement your one-piece, while a crimson handbag might match best with your silk saree. Similar to how floral totes may banish Monday blahs, pastel colors are best for weekend activities. But why not carry a purse with cheery designs and bright colors? The serenity of the Mandala, the elegance of the Paisley, or the funky bright stripes
  4. STRAPS: The straps are both a benefit and a lifesaver because they enable hands-free operation. Go hands-free with straps that are strong and ergonomic by slinging them over your shoulder, packing them into a backpack, or carrying them on your wrist. Choose handbags with handbag straps that can be removed if you want to go strapless. Isn’t that convenient?


What Constitutes a Good Bag?

One bad bag can completely ruin a customer’s day. Verify a bag is good before adding your name to it. What makes a good bag good is broken down below.

Starting with Good Bag Material Makes a Good Bag

Your bag is made with your fabric. PP material can range from rigid to pliable, thick to thin, and strong to weak. Your bag will unavoidably be weak if you skimp on the cloth. Look for the following qualities in good bag material:

  • Sturdy substance. The GSM (Grams per Square Meter) value increases with fabric durability and longevity. The 1BAG standard uses heavier 90 GSM material than the majority of other brands.
  • Sturdy fabric that can support itself during loading and unloading Different manufacturers can make a cloth stiffer or softer even when the fabric is the same weight. Fabric that stands up saves both you and your customer time at the register.
  • Clear bottom stiffener that is spotless. The quality of black bottom stiffeners varies since they can be produced using a variety of various methods. Generally speaking, they may contain lead and are more likely to become brittle and break than the bag will.


The Appropriate Size for Your Target Market

Not all bags fit into one size. You may better target your market by using various configurations to provide them with bags they will actually utilize and like.

  • To appeal to more female shoppers, grocery bags should be taller than they are wide.

For greater male or female appeal, hardware bags should be wider than they are tall or boxy. Customers that buy hardware anticipate robust bags, like laminated bags.

  • To draw more attention, promotional and trade show bags should be larger. Increase excitement by choosing four-color printing.
  • Wine bags, insulated bags, and other specialized bags provide your bag program diversity and utility.


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